The Foundation leverages forward-thinking programs and partnerships to accelerate innovation and move fitness forward. Through harnessing data, expert research and cutting-edge technology, our solutions are built to overcome limitations and foster creativity so that every child can be prepared for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Our innovation solutions emerge through a process of:

  • Ideation: Brainstorming, investigating, and defining opportunities
  • Protoypying: Creating an early template, model, or prototype for learning purposes
  • Testing & Advancement: Iterating on, testing,
    improving, and choosing between different ideas
  • Distribution: Rolling out the most promising innovations

Physical Education (PE) Innovation Challenge

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Our PE Innovation Challenge with helped to support the transformative work of physical educators across the country. Through citizen donations and matching funds from the Foundation, over 1,000 innovative fitness ideas were fully funded and made into reality.


How the Challenge Worked:

 Physical educators submitted their most creative physical education idea to the PE Innovation Challenge on 

Challenge judges included representatives from Nike, Target, American Heart Association and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Oftentimes PE gets overlooked when it comes to funding. With your generous donations, kids will know that their health is just as important as their education.”
I can’t believe in such a rough times, strangers can make the biggest difference. This donation will transition over to saving lives!

My Fitness Journey

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Developed in partnership with EVERFI, My Fitness Journey is a digital learning program to empower elementary school students with the tools to make healthy, informed nutrition and fitness decisions. The program offers interactive activities that reinforce key fitness concepts, teach nutrition objectives, and facilitate student physical activity. 

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Piloted in five cities  throughout the 2017-18 school year, My Fitness Journey will help to explore how digital learning can complement the fitness and physical literacy concepts taught in physical education. 


Data Collection & Analysis

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The Foundation was recently selected as one of four non-profits to participate in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Non-Profit Hackathon, a challenge held at AWS’s annual re:Invent conference. Teams of expert coders created simple and scalable technology solutions for physical educators and students to collect, analyze, and track fitness data. These prototypes, designed to drive increase in youth fitness and physical activity levels, were evaluated by the Foundation for future implementation.