The National Foundation on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition accelerates solutions to our nation's most pressing health & fitness issues. We believe every American deserves a lifetime of health & fitness so we're focused on ensuring that all children can grow up to reach their full potential.


That’s the percentage of America’s elementary school kids who fail to achieve the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommended 60 minutes of daily activity.

We are focusing on our nation's youth. We know that if children have the ability, confidence and desire to be active and healthy by age 12, they are more likely to develop fitness habits that last a lifetime.

How do we get there? The answer is Quality Physical Education (PE). PE is recommended by the CDC as the evidenced based solution to get students moving today and prepared for tomorrow. PE is the most effective way to improve student:

  • Knowledge, attitudes & motivation towards health & fitness
  • Physical activity participation
  • Fitness levels

What’s the Risk?

Physical inactivity and obesity are major risk factors for cancer, heart disease, bone disease and depression.

If these numbers don’t improve, the CDC estimates that the combined medical costs associated with treating preventable obesity-related diseases alone could increase by up to $66 billion per year by 2030. 

What’s the Reward?

There are many benefits for children that lead active lifestyles.


Higher test scores and productivity


More likely to graduate high school and attend college


Improved mental health, mood and self-esteem


Lower healthcare costs and less disease


    Despite these benefits, PE not a priority in our nation's schools. Unfortunately nearly 50% of students don’t have PE and the average school PE budget is less than $800. That's why we launched the Presidential Youth Fitness Program to provide desperately needed resources to schools & physical educators so they can empower students to be fit for life.

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We are proud to lead the iconic Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which serves as the national model for fitness education & assessment in physical education, impacting thousands of schools & millions of students across the country.

Established in 2012 to empower students to be fit for life, the program modernized fitness education in schools by providing free access to best practices:

  1. Accredited training for physical educators
  2. The national youth fitness assessment standards
  3. Student & school recognition to incentivize engagement
  4. Grants for equipment, professional development, recognition & more!

Latest News

Over $1 Million in Funding Provided to Support Implementation of Presidential Youth Fitness Program