The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition has provided a research publication, started in the 1970s, focused on the areas of physical activity, fitness, and sport for interested readers. Each issue has dealt with a topic of relevance to physical educators; coaches; registered dietitians and nutritionists; exercise, nutrition, sports medicine and public health practitioners; physicians; parents; school nurses, nutrition staff and professionals; and students. The publication issues from the early days of the Council are preserved in its archives.

In 1993, the Council began publishing articles in a quarterly publication called “Research Digest.” The “Research Digest” archived issues, where the Council covered almost any topic on fitness, sports, and nutrition, are below. You’ll need the free Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to access the past issues.

In 2014, the Council rebranded the publication as Elevate Health. The publication is released four times a year and covers topics associated with fitness, sports, physical activity, and nutrition. If you are interested in viewing Elevate Health issues, please visit

Digest 2013_The Importance of Physical Activity for Losing Weight, Maintaining Weight, and Preventing Weight Gain_Series 14 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2013_Policies to Increase Youth Physical Activity in School and Community Settings_Series 14 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2013_Improve Your Performance-Sports Nutrition for Youth and Adults_Series 14 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2013_Effective Education and Development of Youth Sport Coaches_Series 14 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2012_Too Much Sitting-Health Risks of Sedentary Behavior and Opportunities for Change_Series 13 Number 3 (December)

Digest 2012_Combining the US Dietary Guidelines and Physical Activity Guidelines to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle_Series 13 Number 1 (June)

Digest 2012_40th Anniversary of Title IX-Status of Girls' and Women's Sports Participation_Series 13 Number 2 (September)

Digest 2011_The Importance of Childhood Physical Activity for Optimal Lifelong Bone Health_Series 12 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2011_Promoting Physical Activity through Policy_Series 12 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2011_Healthy People 2020-Physical Activity Objectives for the Future_Series 12 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2011_Assessment and return to Play Following Sports-Related Concussion_Series 12 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2010_The Role of Family in Promoting Physical Activity_Series 10 Number 3 (March)

Digest 2010_Physical Activity, Asthma, and Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction_Series 11 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2010_Physical Activity and Breast Cancer-Prevention, Survival, and Mechanisms_Series 11 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2010_Exercise Comes of Age as Medicine for Older Adults_Series 10 Number 3 (June)

Digest 2009_School Physical Education as a Viable Change Agent to Increase Youth Physical Activity_Series 10 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2009_Promoting Positive Youth Development Through Physical Activity_Series 10 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2009_Physical Activity During Pregnancy and Postpartum-What Have We Learned_Series 10 Number 3 (December)

Digest 2008_The Potential of Parks and Recreation in Addressing Physical Activity and Fitness_Series 9 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2008_Promoting Physical Activity Using Technology_Series 9 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2008_Promoting Inclusive Physical Activity Communities for People with Disabilities_Series 9 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2008_2008 Physical Activity Guidelines_Series 9 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2007_Resistance Training for Obese Children and Adolescents_Series 8 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2007_Exercising in the Heat and Sun_Series 8 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2007_A History of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest_Series 8 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2006_The Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity_Series 7 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2006_Sports and Character Development_Series 7 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2006_Physical Activity and the Built Environment_Series 7 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2006_Are People Physically Inactive Because of Their Genes_Series 7 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2005_Progression and Resistance Training_Series 6 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2005_Physical Activity in Minority Populations-Overcoming a Public Health Challenge_Series 6 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2005_Physical Activity and Nontraditional CHD Risk Factors_Series 6 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2005_Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids-Incidence of Use and Health Implications_Series 5 Number 5 (March)

Digest 2004_Seeing ourselves through the obesity epidemic_Series 5 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2004_Preventing cardiovascular disease in women-How much physical activity is good enough_Series 5 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2004_Physical Activity for Children-Current Patters and Guidelines_Series 5 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2004_Nutrition and Physical Activity-Fueling the Active Individual_Series 5 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2003_Youth Resistance Training_Series 4 Number 3 (September)

Digest 2003_The Compendium of Physical Activities_Series 4 Number 2 (June)

Digest 2003_Physical Activity and The Stages of Motivational Readiness for Change Model_Series 4 Number 1 (March)

Digest 2003_Increasing Physical Activity in Communities-What Really Works_Series 4 Number 4 (December)

Digest 2002_Taking Steps Toward Increased Physical Activity-Using Pedometers to Measure and Motivate_Series 3 Number 17 (June)

Digest 2002_Making Sense of Multiple Physical Activity Recommendations_Series 3 Number 19 (December)

Digest 2002_Dose-Response Issues Concerning the Relations Between Regular Physical Activity and Health_Series 3 Number 18 (September)

Digest 2002_Cost and Consequences of Sedentary Living-New Battleground for an Old Enemy_Series 3 Number 16 (March)

Digest 2001_Tracking of Physical Activity Across the Lifespan_Series 3 Number 14 (September)

Digest 2001_Toward a Uniform Definition of Wellness-A Commentary_Series 3 Number 15 (December)

Digest 2001_Healthy People 2010-Physical Activity and Fitness_Series 3 Number 13 (March)

Digest 2001_Does Exercise Alter Immune Function and Repiratory Infections_Series 3 Number 13 (June)

Digest 2000_Physical Activity Protects against the Health Risks of Obesity_Series 3 Number 12 (December)

Digest 2000_Motivating Kids in Physical Activity_Series 3 Number 11 (September)

Digest 2000_Definitions-Health, Fitness, and Physical Activity_Series 3 Number 9 (March)

Digest 2000_Current Issues in Flexibility Fitness_Series 3 Number 10 (June)

Digest 1999_Questionable Exercises_Series 3 Number 8 (December)

Digest 1999_Physical Activity Promotion and School Physical Education_Series 3 Number 7 (September)

Digest 1999_Physical Activity & Fitness for Persons with Disabilities_Series 3 Number 5 (March)

Digest 1999_Adolescence - A Risk Factor for Physical Inactivity_Series 3 Number 4 (June)

Digest 1998_Psycho-Physiological Contributions of Physical Activity and Sports for Girls_Series 3 Number 1 (March)

Digest 1998_Physical Activity for Young People_Series 3 Number 3 (September)

Digest 1998_Physical Activity & Aging - Implications for Health and Quality of LIfe in Older Persons_Series 3 Number 4 (December)

Digest 1998_Nutritional Erogogenics & Sports Performance_Series 3 Number 2 (June)

Digest 1997_Youth Sports in America-An Overview_Series 2 Number 11 (September)

Digest 1997_The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health_Series 2 Number 12 (December)

Digest 1997_Physical Activity and the Prevention of Type II (Non-Insulin Dependent) Diabetes_Series 2 Number 10 (June)

Digest 1997_Personalizing Physical Activity Prescription_Series 2 Number 9 (March)

Digest 1996_What you need to know about the Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health_Series 2 Number 6 (June)

Digest 1996_Resistance Training for Health_Series 2 Number 8 (December)

Digest 1996_Physical Activity and Women's Health_Series 2 Number 5 (March)

Digest 1996_Economic Benefits of Physical Activity_Series 2 Number 7 (September)

Digest 1995_Physical Activity in the Prevention and Management of Coronary Heart Disease_Series 2 Number 1 (March)

Digest 1995_Physical Activity and Cancer_Series 2 Number 2(June)

Digest 1995_Osteoporosis and Physical Activity_Series 2 Number 3 (September)

Digest 1995_Health Benefits of Physical Activity During Childhood and Adolescence_Series 2 Number 4 (December)

Digest 1994_Toward an Understanding of Appropriate Physical Activity Levels for Youth_Series 1 Number 8 (December)

Digest 1994_Readiness for Physical Activity_Series 1 Number 5 (March)

Digest 1994_Influences on Physical Activity of Children, Adolescents, and Adults_Series 1 Number 7 (September)

Digest 1994_Exercise, Obesity, and Weight Control_Series 1 Number 6 (June)

Digest 1993_The Health Benefits of Physical Activity_Series 1 Number 1 (March)

Digest 1993_Physical Fitness and Health Low Back Function_Series 1 Number 3 (September)

Digest 1993_Physical Activity and Intrinsic Motivation_Series 1 Number 2 (June)

Digest 1993_Heredity and Health-Related Fitness_Series 1 Number 4 (December)