Trainer Spotlight: Josh Grant

His story: As the West Virginia Department of Education Coordinator of Physical Education & Health Education, Josh Grant understands the positive impact that can be made when district and state leaders collaborate on fitness education. After conducting multiple trainings, including one that featured participants from multiple states, Josh discusses how becoming a certified Presidential Youth Fitness Program trainer has enhanced his professional development. 

Physical educators can help every student take ownership of their own fitness journey by helping them realize where they are, getting them to where they should be and working with them on where they want to go in relation to their fitness goals.
— Josh Grant

Champion Insight

Q: In one sentence, how would you summarize the value of physical education for students today?
Physical education is essential because it provides students with the knowledge and the necessary skills for a lifetime of participation in physical activity.

Q: If someone is thinking about applying to become a Presidential Youth Fitness  Program (PYFP) Trainer, what would you say to them?
When the opportunity to become a trainer was first presented to me, I questioned if the training would be worthwhile since I had years of experience administering the FitnessGram®. After attending Empowering Fitness Education Champions training though and being provided with outstanding resources, I am so glad I decided to pursue the opportunity. The training was one of the best professional learning experiences I have ever participated in.

Q:  You recently conducted a training in Pittsburgh where many participants
were seeking to learn how to align their new district wellness policies with fitness education and assessment practices. What was unique about leading this training and what did you take away from this particular experience?

The Pittsburgh training was my biggest training yet and provided me with the opportunity to train outside my comfort zone and experience how a neighboring state (PA) addresses fitness education. I had the exciting opportunity co-train with Lisa Perry from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, who actually provided professional development for me during my first year as a physical education teacher over a decade ago. During the training, I was very impressed with the overall support for physical activity throughout the state. For instance, local healthcare affiliates attended the training and expressed their support of physical fitness assessment, physical activity and wellness initiatives. This partnership, between school district and state healthcare leaders, was great to witness firsthand. 

Q: What are three aspects of the PYFP trainings you have conducted that have been the most helpful to participants?
Participants have commented that seeing the progressions of what students know and should be able to do in regards to fitness education has been helpful. They have also benefited from learning how to implement proper FitnessGram® protocols. The Presidential Youth Fitness Program Checklist has been a particularly valuable resource because it has helped them see fitness assessment as a process, not a one-time event.

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