Trainer Spotlight: Lisa Rakoz 

Her story: In her day job, Lisa is the Healthiest Next Generation Program Supervisor at the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. With the help of colleagues representing community based organizations and school districts in the state, Lisa has conducted multiple PYFP trainings.

Lisa Rakoz training.png
Stay passionate and empower others with knowledge. Together we can make an impact!
— Lisa Rakoz

Champion Insight

Q: In one sentence, how would you summarize the value of physical education for students today?
Quality physical education is needed to increase physical literacy in children so they can become self-responsible, healthy and active adults.

Q: If someone is thinking about applying to become a Presidential Youth Fitness  Program (PYFP) Trainer, what would you say to them?
Go for it! I have enjoyed my experience providing trainings across WA State. The strength of the PYFP professional development is providing best practices on fitness education and assessment protocol. Also, I would encourage current and future trainers to connect with their state SHAPE representative or executive director and work together to provide PYFP trainings.  Great work like this doesn’t happen alone.

Q: How has becoming a certified PYFP trainer contributed to your own professional

Being a PYFP Trainer has increased my knowledge and skills as  an effective educator who supports quality fitness education and assessment. The most moving experience as a trainer is observing teachers learn and implement correct assessment protocol to ensure a positive and beneficial experience for students.

Q: What are three aspects of the PYFP trainings you have conducted that have been the most helpful to participants?
I personally value the importance of how the PYFP model connects to national frameworks and standards such as the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) approach. Making the connection between fitness and the whole child is critical! I also truly appreciate the deep dive into executing FitnessGram® protocols and highlighting the appropriate and inappropriate uses for the data. Lastly, I enjoy meeting and networking with passionate professionals and sharing numerous resources that PYFP has to offer participants.

Q: What is your motivational message to those trying to champion fitness education in their school?
Physical education is an integral part of a total education program for every child, K-12, and can be a major force in helping children learn and grow. Stay passionate and empower others with knowledge. Together we can make an impact!


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