Ensuring all young people have the ability to access quality opportunities to be physically active through sports and physical education programs.



Participating in sports can lead to higher levels of self-esteem, a more positive body image, and higher states of psychological well-being.


Physical Education

If children have the ability, confidence and desire to be active by age 12, they are more likely to develop fitness and physical activity habits that last a lifetime.


Fostering Growth and Building Community

Quality sports programs can help build individual life skills including resilience and teamwork. They can also help build a sense of community—for the athletes and the fans who cheer them on from the sidelines and stands.

Improving Health

Being physically active through organized sports and quality PE programming can develop youth who are prepared to be fit for life.


Higher test scores and productivity

More likely to graduate high school & attend college


Sport participation, specifically, can result in higher self-esteem, more positive body image, and higher states of psychological well-being


Lower healthcare costs & reduced risk of life-threatening diseases

Ensuring opportunities for youth to play sports and develop skills to be fit and active is our top priority. By creating the first ever National Endowment for Youth Sports, we can ensure programs supporting and facilitating youth sports have the resources needed to allow young people nationwide the opportunity to experience all that youth sports can offer.